After School + Martial Arts

Before we start talking about the importance of after school lets first define what this program is. An after school activity is an organized program that invites youth of different ages to participate, outside traditional school hours. Mainly between 2pm to 6:30pm.
This programs not only keeps kids safe and occupied, they also have proven to improve students academic performance, behavior, health and also supports parents and working families by firstly giving them a peace of mind.
Its well known that children, tend to feel more comfortable and interested to work on school assignments in a less formal environment where they are allowed and can ask questions at anytime. So, by participating in this programs youth have the opportunity to work on their homework knowing that they will get help if they need it. This alone will lead to better efforts in schools and less absent days due to skipping, because the child becomes more interested and confident in his abilities.
The relationships that are created between stuff and children in an after-school program are focused on good character traits. You will see your child grow more open-minded, respectful and aware of what is expected of them. They will also become less aggressive, less shy and will develop leadership skills.
When involved in this type of programs, not only your child will have a character building experience, they will also burn extra energy through physical activities.
Martial arts are a great way to do that.
When practicing martial arts, children learn how to train their mind, body and spirit to act as one. They also learn how to control aggressive behaviors and gain self-respect, focus, confidence and courtesy.
Parents often choose this particular sport for their children, because they understand that by practicing martial arts, children will benefit in different areas of their life.
Your children will grow loving this activity not only because is a great way of learning to defend themselves, but because they will be thought and encouraged to create better image about themselves and others around. Some of the benefits your child will acquire by practicing martial arts are:

  1. Fostering self discipline
  2. Learning to set and achieve goals
  3. Increases Self – Esteem
  4. Develops listening and teamwork skills
  5. Installs a sense of respect in self and others
  6. Encourages physical activities, and
  7. Boosts socialization skills

Also lets not forget that on deferent researches Martial arts has been proven to have therapeutically effects on children with ADD and AD/HD because it demands a kind of concentration that forces coordination of the attention centers in the brain.
With that said next time you hear about an after school program, better yet - one that offers martial art classes as an after-school activity don’t hesitate to sign your child in. I promise you will be glad you did.

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Master Parra

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