Mighty Giants

Mighty Giants program “Where heroes are made” is one of our worthwhile program for 3 & 4 years old.

They love physical activities and anything involving play because they have a rich imagination. 3 & 4 years old may seem very young age to start training in fact, is not, it is an important stage in your child life. The foundation of this stage is where your child is forming his identity through various experiences and events. Mighty Giants program will build fundamental learning skills like: follow directions, self-control, respect and discipline.

Mighty Giants Class Benefits:

  • Improve attitude, behavior and character
  • Listening Skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharper focus and longer attention span
  • Socialization along with self-awareness
  • Develops balance, coordination and strength
  • Dynamic FUN games

Mighty Giants Belt System

Each level in our curriculum is represented with a colored belt. Testing typically happen every 8 weeks for our Giants program, they will get one stripe every two classes as a motivation tool, besides our reward system to price their achievements in class. At the test students have the opportunity to advance as much as one full belt level. Passing is based on Attitude, Effort and Performance.

Passing is not guaranteed, it is based on attendance and energy well spent in the classroom and at home. Modern Martial Arts levels are gained through diligent practice, proper behavior and school performance, if students practice regularly with good attitude and effort they should be able to achieve the Goals. Expectations of performance increase as students move through the levels. Students can also expect to be tested on material from previous levels.

“They’ll not only amaze you… they’ll amaze themselves”