Parents as Coaches

The journey to Black Belt is long and challenging, and the rewards for students can be life changing. But that journey is a team effort. In our experience, children see the most benefit and get the best out of their training when parents and instructors work together.

Here are some hints on how to get the most out of child’s Martial Arts classes. If you have any questions, or if your child has any specific training or educational needs, speak to Master Parra. He has a wealth of experience and many strategies to help your child develop a “Black Belt Attitude”

Compliment your child after each class – Find something they did well. If you missed the class, speak with Master Parra who will be glad to give feedback. Tell your child how proud you are of them, especially before or after class. No one ever gets tired of hearing sincere compliments. Kids should immediately associate Martial Arts with a feeling of success and pride. And rightly so!

The kids love (And I mean LOVE!) getting rewards. Given how hard they work for them,
it’s not surprising. Rewards are also an important motivational tool that Master Parra uses to reinforce important lessons both on and off the mats (Ask about our Academic Achiever and Awesome Effort awards!). Please let your child know that the awards are valuable – and as important to you as they are to your child – by sewing the rewards or patch onto their uniform as promptly as possible.

Try not to criticize your child during or immediately after class.

Use the P/C/P (Praise, correct, praise) principle and do so at a more appropriate time. After working so hard in class, even small criticisms can be devastating. Try to avoid “coaching from the sidelines”. The mats are a perfect place for your child to begin learning some independence in a safe and controlled manner.

Watch as many classes as possible (We miss you when you’re not here!). Get involved, be your child’s #1 fan and cheerleader. Remember – earning a Black Belt is a team effort!

Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class. This will also help avoid scheduling challenges (A friend visiting, etc.) It is also a good idea to pack your child’s uniform and equipment the night before so it is ready to go (Better yet, give your child responsibility for preparing their equipment). This will also help with scheduling.

Take advantage of any special classes or events when they arise. Support your child in their efforts to practice at home, earn rewards, learn new techniques etc. Involvement leads to commitment!

Lead by example! Eat healthy, drink water, have a positive attitude. Deal with challenges the same way you would like your child to. Ever thought of training in Martial Arts?

For more information or advice on how to get the most from your child’s training, speak to or email Master Parra.
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Master Parra

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