The Truth About Bullying

Bullying is an apparent large issue in our society and especially for the younger community. I was recently at a gathering a couple of years ago with a large number of children and I couldn’t believe how out of control the were. There was lots of commotion and confusion the children were not playing fair and nothing was working. We had trouble having even a decent game of dodgeball and at some point pain and crying was present.

It wasn’t fun.

I sat them down while speaking to the child who was in pain to find out that the child was kicked in the stomach. The child was kicked in the stomach because he was defending himself from another child. Both children were wrong because they got physical. They became physical because they couldn’t get what they wanted. Which is also bullying as well.

What I decided to do is to sit all of the children down and ask them a question. Which is a simple yet profound question and the question was what is bullying?

Most of them said that bullying is when you punch or kick a weaker person or you do bad things to people . The children were right. That is bullying.

But punching and kicking is not the only thing to bullying. There are different levels to bullying and other ways of bullying but the problem is that most people don’t have a clue what bullying really is.
Below are going to be some examples of other forms of bullying.

Manipulation..(control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously). Lying , using factors such as your position to get what you want from people is manipulative and that’s bullying. If someone doesn’t want to do what you want and you are not the one in charge then don’t force or manipulate people to do what you want.
Name calling. Words kill or keep alive. Saying I love you to random stranger may influence that person for the rest of their lives . The Civil Rights movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr wasn’t a violent movement but it was a verbal movement of conviction with a group of people in agreement and it worked . The same way Words can change society for the better is the same way words can destroy a person . Name calling is an attack to a person’s heart and soul and even though it’s not physical abuse but it’s verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse because those words marinate to the subconscious mind causing havoc to the child.
Putting others down to put yourself up. Because of lack of self esteem or people wanted things their way people step on toes to get ahead . This is bullying simply because you wouldn’t want it to you.
There’s a golden rule that goes “ Do unto others as you’d want them to do to you.”

These are only three examples of bullying . There are so many forms of bullying . The best thing to do is to educate yourself of how to prevent bullying. That’s why at Modern Martials Arts we chose to be an anti-bully school because we know that bullying may even lead to suicide . We want to equip you and your child about bully prevention.

The best thing about us at Modern Martial Arts is we have our annual Summer Camp right around the corner. Summer camp is going to be pure fun , games and education.

However , if there’s one thing that will not be tolerated in at Modern Martial Arts annual Summer Camp. We are an anti-bully school that educates your child anti-bullying and with that there will be tons of fun and outdoor activities .

Let’s have fun together at our annual Summer Camp . Contact Us or visit us at our address to speak to our program director about our annual Summer Camp.

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  1. masterparra

    Thank you Master Parra for your continuous effort in guiding our children and giving them the tools to protect themselves and others. We as parents really appreciate your help!

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